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What Is The Issue With Vaginal Dryness?

Oh you can skip over this one because this doesn't pertain to you. You are always on ready when it's that time right? Of course you are, that"s why you have gotten this far reading already. I see you...sneaking in on the dryness tea. We've all been there I will be the first to say it sucks!! There is nothing like trying to mentally prepare yourself for a night of passion and your faucet is bone dry. Wait what...this type of thing does not happen you "us" right?? News Flash it does and more often than you think. It's actually quite normal to be honest so let's dig in.


He trying to figure out what's wrong and you trying to figure out a way to get out of sex for the night because "she's not ready". The question is are you mentally stimulated enough for the faucet to even drip?? The way our body works can be a blessing and/or a curse. If we are not mentally stimulated enough we can not perform and neither will "she". Check yourself, are you happy in the union at the moment? Make sure there is no resentment, frustration, or underlining issues that could be preventing you from a connection with your partner. You can lie to yourself all day but one thing is for sure, your body doesn't lie and neither does your vagina. If this is the case a few heart to heart conversations to clear the air may be in order. If the situation is more serious counseling may be a good option. Everyone wants to enjoy love making sessions so don't waste time, clean up anything that could possibly get in the way of that.


If you didn't know, now you know estrogen levels can cause an all things go or no with the vagina. Hormonal imbalance literally control our lives. At least I feel that way most of the time. Anytime there is something wrong it seems to be hormonal related for the most part. Vaginal dryness is not exempted from the effects of hormonal imbalance. You may want to speak with a Doctor to find out what can possibly help in this case. A lot of women have started seeking advice from their local Herb Shops to find out the latest in natural remedies for hormone related issues.


Be mindful of anything you ingest that may cause a "drying" effect. Believe me ladies, if it's drying one thing, it just may be drying ALL things. Cut back on the antihistamines or be ready to counter the effects with your favorite lube. Don't act like you don't have one either, you looked at it sitting on the night stand right before you started reading this article so stop! lol


We always hear about detoxing. We detox EVERYTHING, our skin, our bodies, our feet, our hair, our arm pits (I know, that's another blog) I mean we are told it's necessary to detox your life! With all this detoxing we forget about our "girl", she needs detoxing as well. Yoni Steaming is all the rage right on social media. What exactly is a Yoni Steam and what are the benefits? A V-steam ( Yoni steam, vaginal steam, hip bath, etc) is an herbal steam for the vaginal area that aids in the relief in menstrual cramps, Fibroids, infertility and a number of other reproductive issues like vaginal dryness. It can also be a monthly self-care for preventive measures. Yoni Steams increase blood flow circulation in your area which increases your ability to produce natural lubrication. With that being said find someone certified in your area and book a Yoni Steam Treatment and allow yourself to experience something new.


My Salon Elliptical Naturals is hosting a WE Talk Feminine Care event February 11th where we will be discussing Yoni Steaming in more details. We will also have a variety of products that "your girl" and your boo will love you for buying as well. Come out and join the conversation where Yoni Steam Herbalist Kimberly Singleton will be giving us the latest and greatest in vaginal care. We will be covering steams, suppositories, eggs and more. Are you ready for Valentine's Day?? RSVP now at WE Talk Feminine Care to receive a gift bag at the event.

You can read more about the services Kimberly has to offer at the site below.

Serene Wellness and Beauty Located in East Point GA

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