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Don't mind me...just I'm just getting exactly what I have going entrepreneurial wise out the way. We already established I have several businesses so I am going to give a "brief" synopsis of each one. Detailed information on each will follow in separate blog post.

Elliptical Naturals - This is my first born business, an exclusive Natural Hair Salon I established while still booth renting about 7 years ago. I came into the industry doing everything as a stylist and was pretty good at all things hair. This was right around the time of the, as they called it, the "natural hair fad" turn so I quickly made the SMART decision to do exclusive natural hair. The exclusivity part as far as my salon came in when my clients had to sat in the traditional salon and hear the negative comments of being natural. I knew then I wanted to create an atmosphere where anyone embracing their natural hair had a place to go that embraced it as well. You can visit the salon online at www.ellipticalnaturals.com

Bold Brands - Beauty On Lock Down - This is a conglomerate of Beauty Businesses that I've kind of clumped into on for the sake of marketing purposes. (www.myboldbrands.com) In 2017 you will work extremely hard to market several businesses on social media. Truth be told if you are not on social media you might as well take a seat because your business will go nowhere. Bold Brands consist of Bundled Hair (www.boldoptionshair.com), an up and coming makeup line ( Bold Make-up and Skincare), and Bold Esthetics which consist of Micropigmentation, Microblading and such. Sound like a lot right....AND IT IS!!

Aside from those I have a couple of MLM's that I am currently active in that I feel are beneficial, to women of course, you know I look out or us. My time is very limited and I try to utilize it in areas that help people/women. Hairloss is a sensitive subject and no one wants it. As a hair stylist I see it and I immediately want to do something about it. I market Flow Products (www.morehairgrowth.com) to my clients in need of a little TLC in the area of thinning or slow growth. Nspire Network is another MLM that I feel was worthy of my time simply because it targets ALL women. No person born as a female, rather they want to identify with it or not, can escape their menstrual cycle. What I have recently learned is what we use each month can affect our health. This was an eye opener for me, and having 2 daughters, not only did I have to make sure they were aware but I wanted to tell every women I knew. (www.nspirenetwork.com/informed) More about Nspire can be found on the Femninine Health tab of this site (danapmatthews.com). I never understood the "competitive" level of MLM's. If you have access to a product to help others, who cares if you are connected with several of them through MLM??? Any who, soapbox blog to follow on that one.

Sigh....I would be lying if I told you I weren't exhausted from what I have on my plate but this is what I have chosen to do. A wise women once told me to invest in a platter!! I exhaust my time in beautifying women, and empowering them with the knowledge I have to share. That is all.


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