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How I got rid of my Menstrual Cramps!

Raise your hand if you've ever suffered from menstrual cramps!!! Well if your hand went up without hesitation then you are not alone! There is absolutely nothing we can do about our monthly cycle, unless you use some of those hacks that exist out there, but how safe is that? What we can do is tolerate those days as much as possible with tricks and remedies passed on to us from our mothers. I remember dreading the first couple days of my cycle because I knew what was to come. I suffered from a heavy flow, cramping, and bloating for at least the first 3 or 4 days out of the full 7 days. I wasn't until recently I learned that there are ways to combat cramps and it’s not just with pills and a water bottle or heating pad.

Did you know that what you are using to manage your menstrual flow could be causing your cramps?? I know, I know!! I didn't know either after 23 years of menstruating. It's true, the material used in the sanitary napkins and panty liners you've been using for years could be the culprit of your menstrual cramps. Have you ever questioned what your pad or panty liners were made of?? I never questioned it because I ASS-U-MED that it was safe. I encourage you to do a little research, you would be amazed at what you find. I couldn't believe it when I read that manufacturers are not required to disclose what pads are made of!!! The fact that they are considered "medical devices" allow them to use this law, unbelievable right? Truth be told you have to wonder where the rise in Fibroids, UTI's, Uterine Cancer and the list goes on, come from. Have you ever noticed how irritating wearing a pad can be?? The plastic lining alone causes problems holding in moisture, a perfect recipe for a yeast infection. Everybody makes money when your cycle happens when you think about it. You buy pads to catch the flow, pills for cramping and bloating, extra pads because the cycle so heavy and you follow it up with something to treat the yeast infection you've developed at the end. SMH

It wasn't until I started using the non toxic pads when I realized that there is something to all this "toxic pads" info I have been hearing. When I tell you I noticed a great difference in the cramping ON THE FIRST DAY. Not only that I noticed my cycle is less days now. And last but definitely not least, no yeast infections!! These pads are made with breathable material!! Yes I said breathable material and if you know like I know that means no "crunchy pad feeling" between your legs. Ever get the feeling of having a plastic grocery bag between your legs when you wear a pad?? And you couldn't tell me no one could hear it, quite embarrassing. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but it really makes you wonder what exactly have we been using all of these years? Could the toxins in the mainstream pads have caused our cramps (to take pills) and heavy bleeding (to buy more pads)?? Knowledge is key when your health is at risk. I am so glad I found out about this when I did, now I can pass this information on to my daughters! Do yourself favor and check out the link below along with information on this site, if not for you for someone you love.


Check out www.thelotusconnection.com to find Non-Toxic Pads

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