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Yoni Issues? Consider this...

Hey ladies!! Long time I know...Life! It's Mother's Day 2019 and I am sitting home with my feet up, feeling relaxed so I decided to put a blog post together. I love speaking on the subject of Feminine Care and offering any information to answer questions in regards to the subject. I am on a journey in my busy life at the moment trying to cut as many toxins from my life as possible. I know, everything we come in contact with has some level of toxins in it so what's the point, right? The point is we should control what we have control over at all cost. This direction was sparked when I was enlighten on the toxins in our disposable menstrual products! I couldn't believe what we were exposed to simply trying to manage our menstruation. We didn't ask to be born female, nor did we get in the menstrual line to receive our cycle. Talk about making Lemonade out of Lemons, yep we did that!!! Being exposed to toxins in the process is simply not fair. It's cruel and flat out disrespectful if you ask me.

Toxic Cleaning Practices

What to Consider and Why...

Have you ever stopped to consider exactly how many toxins you come into contact with in a day?? Women are more exposed simply because there are things we use that men don't, like makeup, disposable menstrual products, and pantyliners. Outside of the obvious take into consideration the cleaning products we use. Most of us grew up in a house where Clorox Bleach was the staple cleaning agent. We used it in our mop water, washing clothes, dish water, and some women even put a cap of it in their bath water!!!! Saturday morning wasn't complete unless we smelled bleach in the air. Mom wasn't convinced the house was clean until she smelled the sweet aroma of BLEACH! As the years passed other products came along that continued to give us the "this house is clean" smell, Fabuloso anyone? I get it, trust me I do. We love what we love and it's not broke don't fix it. News Flash...it's broke, crushed into a powder and swept under the rug. Simple changes in the our everyday exposure can make a difference in your life as well as anyone close to you. Lifestyles are contagious so consider your kids, they only know what you have taught them, verbally or through your actions.

You ARE affected...

In more ways than you realize. Toxins have been connected in breast cancer, fertility problems, hormone disruption, asthma, and other serious health impacts. According to studies chemicals in products are also linked to early puberty as well. Don't take my word for it. Check out the highlighted link and read for yourself. And please don't get me started on the Cosmetics! Understand our feminine issues could be caused by what we allow to soak into our bodies!! It's simply said but when unaddressed can cause major issues.

What's your next move...

It's easy to say "Toxins are bad and we need to get as far away from them as possible". It's another thing to take the actual steps to make this happen. Good News is it doesn't have to be as painful as it may seem. I linked up with a company that basically sold everything I used on a daily bases. I mean everything from soap, laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, toothpaste, cosmetics, skincare and more. It wasn't easy for me, just like anyone else. As I ran out of the products I currently had and simply bought the toxin free equivalent from the company. In my mind at the time I was making a change and getting the job done. The deeper I get into this lifestyle the more I realize even that transition was a hot mess. I was basically saying "I need to use the toxic product up before I buy they non toxic one!" Wait what...that sounds a little off but I did it. What would I do differently? I would buy my staples at one time and toss the harmful ones immediately, leaving them no chance of doing any more damage! Until next time...

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I'm to convert my home?

~Dana Matthews~

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