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Spend too much?? It may be by choice!

Happy Monday ladies and hope all is well. It's been a while since I have blogged, never know what the year is going to bring but hey, I'm still here. I wanted to carve out a few minutes of this day to speak on savings. When I say the word savings what exactly do you think about?? Savings on what....food, clothing, electronics, household goods, etc? Usually the first thing that come to mind is the exact thing you would like to save on at the moment. For me it's my monthly budget as a whole. All the money that goes out of the house for any and everything I want to save on it. I feel confident in saying majority of the population would agree.

It's easy to hear a red light special come over the intercom at the store or see the sign that says "All Items In This Bin" are under $5.00. We look, we pick up what we want, toss it in the basket and move on. This process is pretty simple right, no thinking just savings. Or what about those monthly specials advertised, we buy it and keep it moving, awesome! It's easy when you don't have to think to save money, after all saving shouldn't be complicated...I do agree.

What would you say if I said we stand in our own way of saving without even thinking about it. It's all perception in how we approach the opportunities given to us. Or it could be the way the opportunity was presented to us in the first place. We have a way of turning off our critical thinking skills when approached with certain opportunities and an opportunity to save money is no exception. The first thing we think is "what's in it for you?" Or how about "What do I have to commit to in order to save? What is it going to cost me upfront for these savings to kick in? If I was being honest, my question was, do I have to go outside of my norm to pull in these savings?? We immediately start talking ourselves out of the "open mindset" to receive the info before the full details are laid out. It's okay to admit it, we all do it, consciously or unconsciously.

So this is where I am going with this. I have been apart of a Shoppers Club since January this year. It's October now I can say I've been going strong for 10 months now. I love the high quality products with most of them being a fraction of what I used to pay and the others being extremely competitive which the mainstream stores. The cleaning products are formulated with our lungs and our children's lungs in mind. No more stepping outside of the bathroom while cleaning because the chemicals are too strong to breath. I could go on and on but it will turn in to what would appear to be a sales pitch and it's really not that deep. Over time I have switched a great majority of my house over to these products listed below...

Household Medicine/Supplements/Misc Cleaners

Bath soap Vitamins Stain Removers Laundry/Carpet

Laundry detergent Severe Cold Day/Night Glass Cleaner

Dryer Sheets Ibuprofen Shower Cleaner

Fabric Softener Cough Drops Heavy Duty for grills & Stove

Fragrance Booster Antacid Tub & Tile Cleaner

Bleach/Pods Vitamin C

Makeup and Skincare Hand Sanitizer

Toothpaste Pain Reliever Cream

Body-wash Pure Tea Tree Oil

Lotion Gum (no aspartame)

Dish-washing Liquid Diffuser & Oils

Dishwasher Pods Hot Chocolate

Deodorant Apple Cider

Hand-soap & Lotion Protein & Fiber Bars


Just to name a few...I've become so accustomed to the products that I literally had to look around the house to see what I as missing. As you can see I touch more than enough of my share of products in a day! These products are necessities in my house so I order them regularly. It's not an obligation it's an requirement! They are not "auto-shipped" to me, I go and place my order for what is needed that month. And trust me there is always something needed. It's no different than going to Walmart or Target to get your household requirements. Regardless of where you get the from, they have to be bought.

So in saying all of that I have managed to get all the products listed above 50% of the time FREE and the other 50% of the time for very little. Yep you heard me right F R E E!!! How does the ole saying go...Closed mouth don't get fed. Well a closed mind won't be lead. 🤣

Trust me when I tell you it's possible because I am doing it!! It's not a painful obligation, it's a pleasurable necessity! This Shoppers Club is America's Best Kept Secret. As long as people's minds stay closed it will continue to be just that. It won't make or break me if you don't see the opportunity but I will ask you to challenge yourself to this. Open your mind to opportunities when presented, turn off your minimal thinking and turn on your critical thinking with a dose of common sense. We stand in our own way of progress by doing the most!

If you would like to join me in discovering America's Best Kept Secret, feel free to reach out to me! I would love to tell you all about it.

Happy savings means happy shopping...


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