• Dana P. Matthews

What is this all about...ME...blogging??

Happy Sunday Ladies!! I've pondered with the idea of blogging for quite a while now, years to be exact but who's counting. I actually cannot believe I've gotten to the point where I am actually submitting my FIRST blog post. Yay!! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a straight forward to the point kind of chic. I always have an opinion, even if I don't express it, trust me it's there. I see things differently than most and I can usually point things out in situations that you may have overlooked. I enjoy having a good time and I love joking around. I am a business women and serious entrepreneur. I have several businesses I usually juggle at once and I love it! I believe every women should have multiple streams of income so why not give it a shot, right? I am a wife and mother of 5. Now before you say I look too young to have 5 kids, let me explain! I inherited two through marriage and the other 3 are straight from the V, well I had 3 C-Sections but that's another blog! Now that we have that out the way let's get to it!

I have a love for working with women. I get great enjoyment encouraging them, beautifying them and educating them on any subject matter I have an ounce of knowledge in. There is no greater love than fellowship with the same gender and enjoying each others company. Within this blog you will find many subject matters and topics. Some things you may enjoy some not so much. I am going A to Z with the Tea so stay tuned...this should be interesting!


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