About My Sisterlock TM Journey...

I have had my Sisterlocks TM for about 9 years now!  I decided to get my hair locked simply because I wanted the freedom to not "have" to do my hair on a regular basis, and every morning.  As a licensed Hair Stylist, the first thing someone look at when I tell them my profession is my hair.  I needed a professional polished look without a lot of effort.  I'm going to be honest, my natural hair is thick and it was a decent length before I locked it.  I did not want to nor had the time to really manage my hair the way I needed to.  We all have been there, the struggle is real with trying to do right by our natural hair.  The shampoo days, twisting, conditioning, detangling, the list goes on!!  My hair was in GREAT SHAPE but my arms were tired and I was over it.  Relaxer was NOT  an option so locks were the next best option for me and I have no regrets years later.  I decided to get my Sisterlock TM Certification and help other women and men experience the freedom of the lifestyle. Follow me on my YouTube Channel!!

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Dana P. Matthews


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