What's in YOUR Makeup Bag?

I must admit, I was not excited about switching my tried and true makeup and skincare products.  I was a MAC, Clinique, Urban Dacay and Mary Kay kind of chic that wanted quality makeup and skincare.  You know as well as I do, when we have our set products we are loyal. When I learned about how toxic our cosmetics are I had to give a new makeup line a try.  I am now 2 years in and love them more today than I did the day I started.  It started with something small like the eyeliner and mascara.  When I graduated to foundation and eyeshadow I knew I had found my new makeup line and this time it's toxic free!! 


I can help you convert your makeup bag!  Text "Convert my bag" to 404-910-9273 and we can get you started TODAY!

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Dana P. Matthews

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