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Row With Me!!

Dana P. Matthews

Who Am I...

I am a Wife, Mother & Entrepreneur.  Just like many other women and probably you reading this, I live a full life.  Moving with the hustle and bustle of life I found myself in a space that I didn't realize consumed me on the level that it did. Reality can be unforgiving in may states however WE control our fate!! 

I started my fitness journey in April 2021!!!  I had tried to take on the lifestyle several times before and was unsuccessful.  Little did I know that my MIND had to commit before I ever stepped foot into the gym! I tried it all and my last attempt was trying body contouring.  When I was quoted the price, I knew, something had to give. 
Cracked Concrete Wall

Row Goddess

My machine of Choice!

  • Full Body Workout

  • Engage over 85% of the muscles in the body

  • Low Impact motion w/ High Impact Results

  • Great for those with injuries


  1. Rowing is perfect for the women that don't really want to do upper body!

  2. You can target different areas of the body all while on the machine.

  3. There are on and off the row machine exercises that maximize the results of your exercise.

Need to Drop a few inches or pounds really quick??

Screenshot (221)_edited.jpg
Follow My Journey turned Lifestyle! 
I want to help women understand the importance of mindset when making major life changes.   Fitness is more than just body.  All things are involved when taking the stand to "do better".  


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Get fit with me.

I would love to be your accountability partner in achieving your fitness goals. Join the tribe and let's get fit.

Partner with me.

I absolutely love helping women reach their fitness goals.  I would love to partner with you in this endeavor.

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